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Pinterest: The Definitive List of the Best of the Best Pinners

Pinterest, gorgeous peoleToday I am working on a labor of love. You may know I am a Pinterest-aholic. Yes, I am addicted to Pinterest. I call Pinterest visual crack, it is that addicting to me and I am sure it is that addicting to some of you as well. It is so addicting that some of us have created Pinterest Anonymous. Yes you can hear it now. “Hello, I am Wayne and I am a Pinaholic,” “Hi Wayne.”

So today I am going to feed my addiction. I am going to create a list of the best pinners for each of the most important categories. Of course, there are a million possible categories so I will start with a list that is most interesting to me. I invite you to give me feedback on the category lists so that we can create a list of the best possible categories. 

How do you come up with the List of Best Pinners?

As I work on this list I am actually working on an algorithm that will calculate the best pinners based on an objective standard. The pinner is not great just because he/she may have a billion followers; the pinner is good because they share only the best of the best content. This is partially determined by how often their content for the category is liked and repined etc. Yes, we know this can be skewed by the number of followers that a person has so that is taken into account in the calculation.

 So without giving away the secrets, here we go:

Gorgeous People: Trish Rector Vicky S Jenny Brennan Alysha Coleman Dawn Raridon

Food: Oh So Yummy: Stephanie Laskowski Katie Warbel Aušra Narusevicius Emily Gray Sabrina Maddeaux

Joy, Laughter and Fun: Janene Redfield Jenny Blumenberg Jaime Schwartz Rebecca Milligan Mary Vdh

Adorable Kids: Sarah Wilson Andree Dixon-DeMent Samantha Moeller Jessi Opdahl Melissa Brockman Jessi Opdahl

B/W Salicath Lara Amanda Pratt Courtney Rapp Annie Katrina Lee

Women’s Style: Lovable Women’s Style Hillary Moser Nancy Steele Rachel Breeanna Roach Kai Kutzki Joacim Hägg

Men’s Style: Lovable Men’s Style: Lucy Wileman Arlene Matthews Jenny Sacra Marcus Richardson ms.Q Philip Marshall

Faces: SashaBellaDaisy Candice Holgate Gina Acred Jill Elliott Eve Launier-Harvey

WOW What a List

If these amazing collections of images do not inspire you, it is quite possible nothing will. Please go to and show these people your appreciation by visiting their pages and following them or even go ahead and re-pin some of their great work. If you are not part of the Pinterest craze go ahead and join us in this addition and start your own board. I would say this is not too terrible of an addiction.

Enjoy your pinning.


Pinterest: The Definitive List of the Best of the Best Pinners

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