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How Word-of-Mouth, Customer Reviews are Changing the Marketing World

Did you know that consumers are 71% more likely to purchase based on Social Media Referrals? How about the fact that consumers discussing specific brands casually 90 times per week? Or that 70% of customers believe consumer opinions? This means that people trust strangers over advertisements. How crazy is that?!

Couple that with a recent study that shows 61% of consumers use search engines to read about products before a purchase. What does that tell you? Are you being found? Have you created an interactive and engaged community around your product or service?

The reality is old-school outbound marketing is out, and interactive websites, social media, and customer reviews are in. If you’re not on the inbound train yet then checkout the infographic below for some enlightening (and hopefully persuading) statistics!

Infographic: How Word-of-Mouth and Customer Reviews Are Changing the Marketing World

Ecommerce Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing - Infographic

If you’d like to learn more about this shift from outbound to inbound and how OxRun can get your internet marketing efforts off and running, please Contact Us.  We’ll analyze your current website and marketing strategy and provide expert feedback for free without any obligation.

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