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A Real Life Example of the Importance of Blogging

We tell our clients all the time how important blogging is.  It is one of the best ways to get onto page one of Google inexpensively and consistently. Here is a recent example of what happens when you blog and blog correctly.

Importance of Blogging Quickly

Recently I went to the new movie Act of Valor.  The movie, telling of the life and experiences of real world Navy Seals, grossed way more than anyone expected and most of the Hollywood elites had no understanding of why it did so well.  At the end of the movie a powerful poem from Chief Tecumseh was read that apparently has deep meaning in the Seal community.  A friend of mine who had also seen the movie commented that the poem was incredible and he wanted a copy of it.  So that day I simply posted the poem on my photography blog. Of course I also key worded it well, included some pictures and video, and with a little SEO magic I informed Google and the other major search engines that I had posted it.

Blog about Emotional Topics

Shortly afterward the real magic started to occur.  Within an hour the post was on page one of Google in position 3 for the key words, “Act of Valor poem”. (Verify the results here).  That day I received 12,000 unique hits on the poem and a flood of comments on the post, which helped move the blog’s position to 1 on Google for that search.   Some people left one page long comments sharing very deep emotional family stories that resounded with the poem’s truth.  The movie and this post had really struck a nerve.

Rapidly React to Your Audience

Tecumseh Poem Act of ValorA week later people started commenting about how they wished they could buy a framed copy of the poem so that they could hang it on their walls or give it as a gift.  Some people even started calling me to see if they could buy it.  I quickly contacted the amazing design team here at OxRun to create a print that would provide what people were requesting.  Within 24 hrs we had a beautiful print online and sales began to roll in.

This success was because of a simple and timely blog post about an emotional subject. That coupled with the knowledge and ability to get the post to page one of Google allowed us to get a response from a huge audience.  We then quickly responded to the requests of this audience and began generating sales.  What other tool is out there that allows you to do that?

The moral of the story is that you need to be blogging. Make sure your content is engaging and taps into the emotions that really move people and you will begin seeing results.  Contact us for help setting up a marketing strategy that brings results and gets you highly ranked on Google.


~ Wayne

A Real Life Example of the Importance of Blogging

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