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You may have heard some rumblings about the popularity of Pinterest. Either you have read about it in the Social Media Rags  or you are completely addicted to Pinterest as your daily source is “Visual Crack”.  Whatever the case may be if you are honest with yourself you know you have asked, “Self, how can I get more followers to the cool stuff that I am posting on Pinterest?” Well you have come to the definitive source (Marketing hype intended).  Ok, we are a pretty good source but we may be the best you have right now.

Without further delay, let’s get to the list.


  1.  Be a Great Curator.  You have to have the right frame of mind when you think about your Pinterest page.  Think of Pinterest as a museum and you are the curator.  The beauty of thinking this way is that it is ok for it to be any kind of museum, but it has to be great content.  Collect and post only the best of the best and make people want to come back for more. It is all about the quality of what you post and yes the topic does matter but not as much as the quality.  There are audiences for almost all topics, no matter how small a niche it may be.  If you post quality in the niche you will have followers.
  2. Follow Other People. Keep in mind, this is Social Media and humans are social beings.  So with that in mind remember that people like to be followed.  That is the way to be social on Pinterest. You can’t expect to have hundreds or thousands of followers if you’re only following a handful of people.  Sure, there are probably people that have that happen, but it’s not typical.  So, if you want followers, you need to be a follower too!  But, when you are following people skew your following towards people who pin a lot and they follow many others. By doing this your chances of getting followed by the people you follow go way up.  The great thing is these active pinners make it easy for you to find great content for the museum that you are building so it is a win/win situation.
  3. Have Well Organized Boards. Make sure your boards have some order to them so people can easily find what they are looking for.  That way, they can repin your great content and get you broader exposure. If all of your pins seem randomly placed in a variety of boards, people are less likely to follow them.  And, what I think is more important – you will likely have a hard time finding something you want to look for again later.  Order is important just like any good museum.
  4. Rearrange Your Boards for Easier Browsing. When you start getting a large amount of content, you will want to reorganize and probably split apart some boards into finer categories. If you have a general board for Architecture and that board is way to full for anyone to actually get through and view everything, break it up into distinctive Architectural styles or eras. You can actually rearrange boards, and I think this makes sense for making your boards more user-friendly (for both you and new followers).
  5. Variety of Boards – Many people have a tendency to follow people’s individual boards, rather than just following them and all their boards, so it makes sense when you have a nice variety of boards.  That could just be a personal preference.  But, keep in mind people with larger followings also have more boards.
  6. Come Up with Great Names for Boards. You can choose whether this means that they’re really catchy or just very obvious names.  But, if you go with catchy names, at least make it easy for people to figure out what the board is about.  A board about renaissance architecture could be named “Buildings” or “nice old buildings,” but if you name it “The Influence of Renaissance Architecture,” people will remember it both by name and have an idea of its importance. So give your boards great names.
  7. Give your Pins Great Descriptions: It is amazing to me how many times I see pins with no descriptions on them or just a dot or slash.  People, you are missing a huge opportunity.  Pinterest is a great site for content so Google and other search engines index it.  That means you want to take every SEO opportunity available to you.  Always give great keyword laden descriptions so you can be found by the searching world.  And in the case of Pinterest use the # hash tag for your best keywords so that when people search for a particular topic in Pinterest, they find you.   Yes great descriptions are incredibly important.
  8. Come Up With Boards to Coordinate with Blog Posts. This only helps if you’re a blogger or have a website.  But, you can make boards that specifically coordinate with something going on with your blog.  This has to be a topic that you are passionate about and you post blogs on the topic relatively frequently.  It is this activity that helps to generate followers.
  9. Use Your Link When You Mention Pinterest in Posts. Again, for the bloggers — when you link to Pinterest on your blog, don’t just link to the home page of Pinterest, link to your own profile.  (Okay, but don’t do it as much as I just did on this one.  It was just to make a point.)
  10. Link Your Account to Your Facebook and/or Twitter Account. You can link your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Twitter account.  This can help your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to be able to find you easily!

Bonus 1 – Don’t Post Too Much of the Same Thing All At Once. I tend to think that people that post way to much are basically spammers.  They are trying to get all kinds of attention. I have actually un-followed people that do this.  Sure, might love some of their content but too much is too much. Pinterest is all about a visual conversation from many great sources.  Don’t be a hog.

Bonus 2 Have a Pinterest Social Media Button on Your Blog/Website. Take advantage of Pinterest’s buttons that they have available to help people that visit your blog or site to know that they can find you on Pinterest.  This way, even if you’re not mentioning it in a post, they still know where to find you.
The buttons look like this (and when you get them on their site, they automatically have the coding to include your link):
Follow Me on Pinterest

But, more than anything just remember to have fun with Pinterest!

It’s easy to get caught up in gaining followers on Pinterest, just like on Facebook and Twitter, but, while it’s fun to have followers, Pinterest itself if is so much fun.  Heck, Pinterest is addictive.  Pin things because you love them or you’re interested in them or you want to learn more.  Pinterest should first, and foremost, be for your own enjoyment, if people follow, great.  If people don’t, you can still find all kinds of cool ideas.  So, don’t worry too much about followers, love the creative process of creating a great museum.


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